Youth Achievement - Bhreagh Ingarfield

Bhreagh Ingarfield Volunteering at the Olympic Winter Games

I've worked in a variety of volunteer positions over the past several years, and they've all been very different. I have also worked several amazing jobs within the Northwest Territories. There are so many opportunities for youth in the NWT, all you need to do is ask around and keep your eyes and ears open. Sometimes doing the smallest things to help out your community show your initiative and you'll get noticed by your community.

In my case it was running the Nahanni Animal Shelter that brought on almost all of my current success. I started the shelter with my two friends Kyra and Kayla Betsaka, and everything has built on top of it. At first it seemed like a complete dream. When we started talking about the idea of starting an animal shelter and letting people know, asking for help, and amazingly enough it all fell together and before we knew it we were taking care of 16 pups and fixing up an old log building.

This is how I got involved in MACA's Youth Ambassador Program. A representative had heard about what my friends and I were working on, and was looking for a youth ambassador from Nahanni. Because of my work at the Nahanni Animal Shelter, and experience in speaking to media, I was selected.

I have since attended three amazing Youth Ambassador and volunteer conferences, which have allowed me to build on my leadership skills. In 2007, I received the Youth Volunteer of The Year NWT, and in 2008 my friends and I each received Animal Action Awards from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

I have worked as a river guide for Nahanni River Adventures on the beautiful Nahanni River, and as the Volunteer Coordinator at Saint John Ambulance Office in Yellowknife. My work at the Saint John Ambulance office allowed me the opportunity to take part in Medical First Responder courses for free, and volunteer at events like Folk on The Rocks, and the Relay for Life.

I am currently working on achieving my first aid instructor status so that I can teach classes for Saint John Ambulance. I am also working on a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia.

About two months ago, I was excited to find out that I have been chosen to represent the Northwest Territories as a youth ambassador yet again, this time at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

The reason that I've been able to attend all of these amazing events, and work all of these great jobs, is because I wasn't afraid to talk to people about what was going on in my community and territory. You don't need to be an amazing athlete or a genius to make a difference. You just need to care enough to take an interest.


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